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Reasons Not To Repair Your Own Garage Door

DIY repairs are always tempting. It’s easy to think you’ll save money on garage door repairs if you do them yourself, and you’ll get the satisfaction of having repaired your own garage door.

Don’t fall into the DIY garage door repair trap. Repairing your garage door yourself will take a lot of time and money; it can lead to more problems with your garage door (which will cost you even more money), it can void your warranty, and it can even lead to serious injury or death.

Here’s why you shouldn’t try to fix your garage door yourself: 

The Risks of DIY Garage Door Repair

You Might Cause More Damage

Garage doors are complex—they’re made up of pulleys, cables, belts, springs, sensors, drums, hinges, and more. With so many different moving parts, if you make a mistake when trying to fix one element of your garage, it can throw the entire system off balance, creating pressure and unnecessary wear and tear on other parts. 

To properly diagnose and repair problems with garage doors takes years of experience; leave it to the professionals. 

You Could Void Your Warranty

Garage door manufacturers will often void your warranty if you attempt any garage door repairs yourself; the same goes for modifying your garage door. Calling a garage door repair company can keep your warranty intact; some garage door warranties may even cover part or all of the repairs. 

You Could Potentially Hurt Yourself

Your garage door has a lot of dangerous parts. The torsion spring makes it easy to lift your garage door’s weight, but it’s under a lot of tension; it can rip off fingers and hands or knock you unconscious or worse when mishandled. The garage door itself weighs hundreds of kilos and can careen off of its tracks if it’s being mishandled.

Don’t risk a serious injury or worse—hire someone for professional repairs. 

Lack of Proper Tools

One of the reasons to avoid DIY garage door repair is that you may not have the tools that are needed to repair your broken garage door. Winding bars and come-alongs are tools most DIYers have in their toolkits—but those are just two of the many tools you may need to repair your garage door. Professional garage door repair technicians will have all of the tools needed to repair your door—and they know how to use them. 

You Might Waste Time and Money Fixing the Symptom and Not the Problem

You might think that your rollers are misaligned when it’s the track that’s bent out of shape. You might believe the door of your garage is stuck, when there’s actually a problem with the sensor.

Diagnosing and fixing garage door problems is time-consuming—getting the right parts and tools can cost a lot of money. Putting in all of the effort to fix your garage door just to learn you bought the wrong garage door part is unpleasant, to put it politely.

By calling a professional to fix a faulty garage door, you can save money and time. Your garage door system is complex; don’t overspend on DIY repairs that might lead to more problems down the road! 

Avoid the Headaches and Call Garage Doors Elora

Garage doors and garage door systems are complex; using the wrong tools and misdiagnosing the problem can be costly, time-consuming and dangerous.

DIY is too risky; call the pros at Garage Doors Elora for professional garage door repairs. We’ve got the right tools to repair your entire door. Whether you’re having problems with your garage door opener, misaligned rollers, a garage door that isn’t fully opening or closing, or anything else, we can help. 


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