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Garage Door Repairs 

Looking for a garage door repair? When was the last time you scheduled a garage door tune up? Call Garage doors Elora to schedule your service

The Best Garage Door Repair Company Near You

Safe access and exit through your garage door is often an overlooked necessity. If your garage door is in need of repair or annual service, you should contact your local garage door expert. At garage doors sales & service we strive on ensuring your garage door operates safely and with the best efficiency. This way your overhead door will last as long as it should with no problems.

Garage doors sales & Service is known for providing only the best value for your money. We always aim for the best possible customer service and experience. We provide reasonable costs for our products and services. Get FREE estimates and FREE professional advice as well as amazing deals and discounts when you book our service. What’s more, we GUARANTEE that we service all types and styles of garage doors. What more can you ask for?

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Common Garage Door Service

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Your garage door has springs above of it that enables it to go up & down. All garage door springs have a cycle rating. Standard springs come with 10 000 cycles. This means the door can go up and down 10 000 times before it has reached its limit and breaks.


The average home will need to replace their garage door spring every 10 years - depending on how often they use their door. We offer the best garage door spring repair in your area  and would be happy to replace your garage door springs!


Ask about our high cycle springs if you are interested in springs that last longer. We provide 15 000, 30 000, 50 000 and even 100 000 cycle springs. These high cycle springs will ensure your doors works for as long as possible. Contact us today to inquire about garage door spring replacement!

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Garage Door Tune Up Service

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Garage door tune ups are one of the most important keys to a long lasting garage door. We have the tools and know how to properly tune up your garage doors and diagnose any potential future problems. Garage door tune ups ensure safety of reliability from your garage door. Tune ups include inspection of the following;

  • Check door balance

  • Check cables

  • Check weather-strip and bottom seal

  • Lube rollers

  • Lube tracks

  • Check loose screws

  • And more!

  • Check opener safety limits

  • Check safety sensors

  • Check bell wire

  • Check spring anchor

  • Check drums 

  • Lube opener trolley

Dented Garage Door Sections

Looking to replace dented sections of your garage door? Whether your garage door has been hit by a car, hockey pucks, baseballs or whatever else you can throw at it, we can fix it.


We have the knowledge and infrastructure to supply you will all brands of garage door sections. We want to ensure we match the colour and style of your current door. Your neighbors won't be able to tell there were any dents in the first place!


We can also replace any broken glass panels your garage door needs. Whether you have insulated or non insulated glass for your garage door we can get it replaced for you with ease.

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Garage Door Opener Repair

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Garage door openers are very popular and are seen in most garages worldwide! If you are in need of garage door opener repair, contact us and let us take a look.


We have experience with all residential and commercial openers. From brands like Lift Master, Chamberlain, Genie, Lynx, Craftsman, Wayne Dalton and Stanley, we can fix or replace any garage door opener on the market. Openers can encounter a variety of problems including; broken capacitors, a broken belt or chain, torn gear kit, a broken motherboard and more!


Your smartest option to have us come in and help with the garage door opener repair. This way you ensure the job only gets done once as we will do it properly and professionally.

Crooked Garage Door

Is your garage door crooked? If so it may likely be stuck as well! This is likely due to a problem with your garage door's cables. If your cables get off the drum, or break entirely you probably have a crooked garage door as well. Give us a call about your crooked garage door and let us examine and repair the issue. Many times, your garage door's cables will rust out and break from the melted snow coming off your tires in the winter. When we replace your cables, we ONLY use stainless steel garage door cables to ensure your cables will NEVER rust out again. This way you can rely your door to be a safe entry and exit point of your home at all times.

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